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Privacy Policy

1. About Øren Hotel AS
The owner of this website is: Øren Hotel AS, Elvegata 14, 6993 Høyanger. Tel: 57 70 76 00. Email: post@orenhotel.no
Our organization number is: NO 985208298

2. The purpose of our handling of personal data
In connection with customer relationships, we must obtain information such as name, address, email, telephone number, organization number and other necessary information. This is information we use solely to manage your customer relationship. We keep the information as long as we have a customer relationship. You have the right to access, correct and delete data we have stored about you. After the end of the customer relationship, we will keep the data as long as we see fit to help you with any history if you need it.

3. Disclosure of personal data to third parties
Disclosure will not take place unless there is a statutory duty of disclosure to public authorities.

4. Customer Register / hotel system
Our customer register contains information about the customer such as name, address, telephone, company name and company contact information, as well as information about which services and product the customer has purchased. These are stored in our system as long as it is necessary for us. If you want to get an overview of what we have saved and possibly be deleted from our hotel system, see chapter on deletion.

5. Card information at no-show and prepayment
We ask for card details by telephone and email order. We need a card number, expiry date and CV. This information is only recorded in our computer system for use at no-show, or if the guest leaves without paying. At no-show, the guest is charged the first day booked. If the guest travels without paying at check-out, the entire stay will be charged.

6. Booking.com
When booking a room via www.booking.com, the card number, expiry date and CV are used as payment for the stay. The information is only used in our system for the current booking, and is then deleted.

7. Sharing
It is possible to share articles on the website in social media (Facebook, Instagram). Further handling of data shared in social media is governed by your agreement with the relevant online community.

8. Access, rectification and deletion of personal information
Under Section 18 of the Personal Data Act, you as a private individual are entitled to access the information that is registered about you. You can get access to the information by contacting Øren Hotel by e-mail: post@orenhotel.no. If your registered information is inaccurate, incomplete or you wish to delete your information, this may be required under section 27 of the Personal Data Act.

9. Responsible data processor
The CEO of Øren Hotel AS is responsible for handling personal data. The person in question is responsible for internal controls being carried out with regard to the processing of personal data, and that any deviations from the applicable legislation are reported and corrected. We strive at all times to comply with the applicable privacy policy.

If you have any questions, contact us by e-mail: post@orenhotel.no or phone: +47 57 70 76 00.