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It´s not hard to engage in fun activities in Høyanger! As a part of the Sognefjord region we have spectacular fjords and mountains, but we also have intriguing cultural experiences to offer. On this page you will find some of the activities in the area.


There are many great hikes in the mountains. It is possible to enjoy short or longer hikes with or without a guide. Ask in the reception for a suitable trail and a map if you want to hike alone. We have hikes for people in all ages.

The Stairs

The Stairs in Høyanger goes right along the steep mountainsides. They offer exercise and spectacular view. We have two stairs.

– The Stair in Sandvika: 1268 steps. Beautiful nature and view on the way. Every year it is arranges a race up these stairs. The record is about 8 minutes from bottom to the top.

– The Stair in the valley: 2500 steps. Spectacular view of Høyanger from the top.


We are happy to arrange a rib-boat trip for you. You can go on a fjordsafari, visit the Nærøyfjord or visit the world’s biggest onshore hallibutfarm.

For more information: balestrandadventure.no


Experience the beautiful Sognefjord closely and rent a kayak with a guide.

For more information: gone-paddling.no


Visit the nice waterpark with waterslides, warm and cold pool, jaccuzzi and sauna.

For more information: hoyangerbadet.no

The Gunnar S. Gallery

Opened in 2018. Shows some of the work of the world known artist Gunnar S. Gundersen who grew up in Høyanger. He is known as one of the most important artists within non-figurative art in Norway. The gallery also displays guest-collections.

Høyanger Industristadmuseum

Here you can view the exhibition, teksts and pictures, and get to know the story of the industry and and the workers in Høyanger. You can experience how an isolated agricultured community became a modern, industrial town.

Activities on the south side of Høyanger


Visit the world’s largest onshore hallibutfarm.

For more information: glitne.no

The stave church in Ortnevik

Visit Anders Brekke’s homemade stavechurch and other carvings.

Massnes museum of wilderness

Exibition of Norways wild animal species. Here you can view stuffed, wild animals such as lynx, fox, bear, eagle and owl. Suits all ages. Cafê and guide.