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Exept for a few decades Øren Hotel has been in the Øren-family since 1918. The Øren farm was sold to the industry I 1912 and the factory was started in 1916. Two years later Anna and Hans Øren built the wooden part of the hotel. The first years the building was used for cafê, shop and room rentals for the factory-workers. In 1928 Anna got her diploma and the building was approved for hotel operation. She ran the hotel until her daughters Gunnhild and Åslaug took over in 1958.

The sisters expanded in 1960 with a two stories high concrete building. In 1978 Grete and Hans Øren took over and built a third floor. They also made an annex with a pub and more hotel rooms.

In the 90’s the hotel was run by Turid and Egil Lidal. They also expanded.

In 2003 the hotel was bought by Høyanger Trelastkompani, and with that it was back in the Øren-family. In 2018 the hotel celebrated 100 years of hotel operation.

Fotos from Høyanger centrum